Permanent Makeup is all the Rage

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Permanent makeup is all the rage nowadays, and the idea is appealing for obvious reasons. Wouldn’t it be great if you were able to look good all the time? It’d be nice to be able to have that naturally put-together look without actually having to get up and put on makeup every day, wouldn’t it? You’d look great when you were swimming, when you just woke up, in the middle night and any time because you’d always have makeup on. 

What is a Permanent Makeup Technician? 

In order to achieve this flawless look, though, you have to have a permanent makeup artist, also known as a permanent makeup technician, perform a micro pigmentation procedure on you that will make you have the appearance that you’re wearing makeup all the time. This procedure basically consists of you getting makeup tattooed onto your skin, but obviously you wouldn’t want to go to just any tattoo artist. This makeup is going to be on your face forever, so you want to make sure that you go to someone who’s legit and really knows what he or she is doing. In order to do that, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind when searching for a permanent makeup technician. 


Did you know that in New Jersey, the Board of Health requires permanent makeup artists to be certified through the American Academy of Micro Pigmentation in order for them to legally tattoo permanent makeup onto you? The Board of Health is involved to make sure that the technician working with the needles keeps the office safe because blood-borne pathogens live up to 14 days after contact or items have been contaminated. A certified technician follows the board of Health requirements in favor of protecting the consumer. 

Currently, only nine states in the country require this by law, and another interesting tidbit about it is that it also makes it so that it is illegal to perform any tattoos in any salon that has affiliations with the Board of Cosmetology. This is because the Board of Cosmetology is more concerned with cosmetic makeup while permanent makeup is essentially more like a tattoo in that you’re getting ink tattooed onto your skin that will make it look like you’ve always got makeup on. That isn’t the same as using real makeup, which is why it really has nothing to do with the Board of Cosmetology. 

Post Graduate Education 

However, certification by the Board of Health isn’t the only qualification that you should be looking for in a permanent makeup artist. You should also look for an artist who has an extensive amount of post graduate education. Permanent makeup technicians who have plenty of education over what’s required prove that they went above and beyond to learn all they could about their field. It shows that they take a genuine interest in providing the best services to their clients. 

Use Caution 

Be cautious when a technician offers a service for cheaper than the industry standard norm. Although it’s called “permanent makeup,” it can be removed just like tattoos can, but the cost to remove permanent makeup is approximately five times more than that of the initial service to put it on.