Consultation Fee

Appointments at the Cosmetic tattoo center require a deposit of $100 (nonrefundable) when booking your initial appointment. The fees will be applied to your service. This includes a touch up 4-11 weeks after at no additional charge. Failure to cancel, appear or reschedule in time length of touch up is void.

Consultations are $50 (scheduled for 45 mins to discuss all questions, concerns, mapping, procedure, and care). This fee will be applied to your service. It is non refundable and will be not be able to be applied to other services.


Prices are subject to change, please call us at 732-758-9800 for current prices

A credit card is required to secure all appointments, 48-hour notice is required for all cancellations, and for cancellations made with less than 48-hour notice my $100 appointment deposit will not be refunded and will be used as a cancellation/rescheduling fee.

Additionally, children under 12 are not allowed on premises (they may be a distraction to the technicians and their clients and could be injured by exposed equipment). Due to limited space only 1 guest is allowed to come with you if you need to bring someone. By violating salon policies, Cosmetic Tattoo Center has the right to refuse service or charge the client a fee.

We accept cash and credit/debit for all services, excluding tips.

All prices exclude 6.88% sales tax that will be added to the total bill.

If a client misses their 2nd touchup, there will be an additional $100 charge. No exceptions.

Touch-up prices Do Not Apply to new, non-CTC clients, no exceptions.

No refunds, no exceptions!


Microblade/ 3D Brows: $575
1.5-2 hours. touchups are scheduled 4 weeks (Max11wks) after initial visit at no additional cost.1-1.5 hours. Microblading is a hairlike stroke that resembles a hair follicle. Extremely natural and can last up to 18 months. Not suggested for aged,oily or combination skin.

Solid: $475

Powder Brow: $675
2.5-3.5 hours. touchup scheduled 4 weeks(max 11wks) after initial visit at no additional cost.1.5-2.5 hours. Powder brow is a soft shading appearance that resembles a natural make up application. Lasts up to years. Suggested for aged, oily or combination skin.

Combination Brow: $675
3-4 hours, touchup 1.5 to 2 hours. touchup scheduled 4 weeks(max 11wks) after initial visit at no additional cost.1.5-2.5 hours.
Using both techniques of powder brow and microblading.

Touch Ups:
Touchups within 19 months are
$400 for one visit
$500 for two visits
Touchups earlier than 6 months are prorated at $50 per month
New touchups from other facilities are determined by the technician and are recommended to come in for a consultation.



Microblade/ 3D Brows: $575
Solid: $375

Touch Ups:
After 2 Months: $100
Every Additional Month: +$50

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Top Eyeliner/Eyelash Enhancer: $375
1 hour for initial and touchup scheduled 4 weeks(max 11wks) after initial visit at no additional cost. An extremely natural line with the top eyelashes to promote the look of a fuller lash line.

Bottom Eyeliner/Eyelash Enhancer: $225
Top and Bottom: $500
Classic Top Eyeliner: $500
A noticeable eyeliner with or without a small wing.

Specialist Services

3D scalp micro pigmentation: $300 per hour
Vitiligo/Color Camouflage: $395 per 3″x3″ section



3D Scalp Micropigmentation: $600 to $3,000*
*Exact price can be determined after consultation

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3D Lips: $650
Full Color: $500
Lip Liner: $375
Ombre Lips: $650


Per Areola: $245*
*Breast Cancer Survivors: Contact us about potential discounts!



Per Tattoo: $335*
*Breast Cancer Survivors: Contact us about potential discounts!

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Freckles or Beauty Marks

Bridge Freckles: $300
Full Face: $400
Beauty Marks: $80

SalineTattoo Removal

Eyebrows: $295 per session
Body art sessions: $295 3″x3″ section
Darker tattoos can take up to 5 sessions

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Tattoo Removal

EliminInk Session*: $199
*One session= 2″ x 2″ section
Brows: $295 each

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